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Four Motivational and Heartwarming Movies for Working Parents

1st December 2017 | Motivational

People have been working parents since the beginning of mankind. Whether you were working as a hunter-gatherer, within farming or building, back then, somehow, a working life with children was much simpler! There was no rushing them to school or long commutes to work. I suppose that back then there was no other option than for you to take them with you and get on with it! Now we live in a world where we are expected to work as if we have no children and parent as if we have no job. For...

My best advice to you as a working mum – How to juggle

24th August 2017 | Career AdviceMotivational

After working really hard from the day I left college and working my way up through the ranks, I secured a fantastic role that I not only enjoyed but that also paid well (always a bonus). Then at the age of twenty-one, I had my first baby and I became a full-time working mum. My daughter was nine months old when I went back to a job that I loved. So, I decided for her to go to a day nursery. The settling-in days went smoothly and actually enjoyed the company of other children (this made me...

Reasons to prepare for a smooth handover before we leave a job

18th August 2017 | Career AdviceMotivational

To me, there is only one reason to prepare for a smooth handover before we leave a job: The legacy of your work and your accomplishments. Your work is your gift, it is personal and it lasts. You may have streamlined processes or improved functionality and these elements are guaranteed to survive. It does not matter that you are on to (hopefully) bigger and brighter things. What matters is your integrity and your professionalism, which are sustained once you...

5 Inspiring & Motivational Movies for Job Seekers

5th May 2017 | Job HuntingMotivational

5 Inspiring Movies for Job Seekers - We all know what it feels like: Job hunting in itself, seems like having a full-time job. Preparing for an interview, getting the interview and waiting for feedback, alltogether can be a daunting experience. This means that you need to keep your spirit up all the time and create an encouraging environment around yourself. Try to see your supportive friends more often, take up a regular exercise habit, read more inspiring books or watch uplifting and...