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I collaborated with YourRecruit IT for my current contract position, and the experience has been fantastic.

Their proactive approach made the entire process smooth and swift. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a recruitment agency and will certainly reach out to them for any future opportunities.

Jaime | Candidate

Grace is an enjoyable and approachable individual, making it a delight to collaborate with her in my search for a new role. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity she provided and will always appreciate her support.

Issy | Candidate

Without Nicky, I wouldn’t have found this job. I had been job hunting for 3 months and Nicky called saying she works at YourRecruit and had seen my CV online, and she immediately got me an interview. That one didn’t go well from a personal mistake and right after that, she had another one lined up which was a few weeks away. After preparation and with Nicky checking in on how I was getting on, I managed to land it! 3 months of instant application rejections from my CV alone to having 2 interviews in the blink of an eye. Started to lose hope with how things were going but Nicky turned it all around and I can’t thank or recommend her enough. She’s an extremely friendly and chilled individual who you can have a nice laugh with. She really boosted my mood a few days when I was struggling and I’m sure going to miss that. Thank you so much Nicky!

Faheem | Candidate

Laura was always available to answer any questions I had and provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the recruitment process. She truly went above and beyond to ensure that I was well-prepared for my interviews and felt confident going in.

Thanks to Laura’s efforts, I was able to secure a fantastic job that I am thrilled about. I cannot recommend Laura and YourRecruit highly enough. If you are looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring recruitment agency, look no further than YourRecruit. Thank you for everything!

James | Candidate

I had the pleasure of working with Laura and the team at YourRecruit during my job search, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. From the moment I reached out to them, they were attentive, responsive, and genuinely interested in helping me find the right job. Thanks to Laura and the team at YourRecruit, I was able to secure the job of my dreams! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and supportive recruitment agency. Their expertise and commitment to their clients is truly exceptional.

Fran | Candidate

I had an amazing experience working with Nicky and YourRecruit during my job search in the IT industry. Nicky was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire process. She took the time to understand my skills, experience, and career goals, and provided me with tailored job opportunities that matched my aspirations. Her communication was clear, consistent, and timely, which made the entire process stress-free and straightforward. I was impressed with the level of support I received, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced recruitment agency!

Abdul | Candidate

Working with YourRecruit has been an absolute pleasure. Their dedication and hard work towards finding me the perfect IT role has been outstanding. They took the time to understand my skills, experience and career aspirations and provided me with a range of fantastic job opportunities. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to secure a role that not only matched my skills but also offered great career growth potential. I highly recommend YourRecruit to any job seeker looking for a professional, efficient and friendly recruitment service.

Steve | Candidate

I had been job searching for several months with no luck, until I came across Laura and YourRecruit. From the moment I submitted my application, Laura was incredibly supportive and helpful. She took the time to understand my experience and career goals, and provided me with a range of job opportunities that were a perfect fit. The interview preparation and advice Laura gave me was invaluable, and I felt confident and well-prepared for each interview. Thanks to Laura and the team at YourRecruit, I landed my dream job in a matter of weeks. Thank you again!

Sarah | Candidate

Laura just helped me fill a vacancy. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of candidates that she brought forward for consideration and how close the match between the candidates’ wishes and the vacancy/culture of our business. I would use Laura again :0)

David | Client

Grace was amazing from start to finish, finding me roles tailored to exactly what I wanted from a workplace.

Highly recommend Grace and the YourRecruit team!

Bradley | Candidate 

I want to share my experience with YourRecruit and the hard work that Melanie put in to help me find a job in the IT industry. I was struggling to find the right job that fit my skills and qualifications, and that’s when I turned to YourRecruit for help. From the start, Melanie was dedicated to understanding my career goals and finding a job that matched my interests and experience. Her professionalism and attention to detail gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in my job search.

Thanks to Melanie’s hard work and the support of YourRecruit, I was able to secure a job in the IT industry that was a perfect match for my skills and interests.

Ola | Candidate 

Thank you, Chloe, for your hard work and you’ve knocked the socks off other agencies I have had dealings with.  I was impressed with every aspect of the recruitment process, especially the in-depth interview preparation that was thoroughly appreciated.  I have spoken to other friends who will reach out to you if they change their jobs in the near future.

Davide | Candidate 

Nicky at YourRecruit has been my contact at YourRecruit for some time and she never fails to deliver.   We had been trying to fill a specialist IT role for some time without using an agency and unfortunately, we were unable to do this ourselves and contacted Nicky to help us.  Within 10 days, we had interviewed 3 candidates and made an offer.  The service we received was seamless and Nicky took all the pressure off my shoulders.  Well done, Nicky, keep doing what you do as your recruitment service is excellent.

Client – London 

I have been a client of YourRecruit IT for over 10 years and the team never fail to deliver. The candidates we received were such high quality that we offered two of them even though we initially only had one job. There was no pressure from our Michael to take both candidates on, but the choice was so hard we simply couldn’t refuse either of them. You have made the difficult and sometimes frustrating job of recruiting staff seamless and incredibly enjoyable. Both my colleagues and I are very impressed.

Client – Brighton

WOW what a fantastic experience I have had working with YourRecruit and especially a shout out to Michael who has held my hand and encouraged me.

Joan | Candidate 

I am so grateful to Grace for being such a supportive person on the other end of the phone throughout the whole recruitment process. I hadn’t been interviewed by anyone for such a long time and felt that I was a bit ‘rusty’. Grace gave me tips and advice along the way and made the whole experience enjoyable.   Thank you, Grace!

Ian | Candidate 

Michael sets the benchmark for other agents to follow. I particularly valued his open positive attitude, listening skills, balanced attention to detail and tenacity to see things through to a successful conclusion. Thank you, Michael for the great service!

Sandeepa | Candidate 

Dear Melanie,

I apologise for the delayed email. It’s been two months since I last reached out to you, as I was occupied with my new job and family responsibilities. Nonetheless, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your help in finding a job.

Your card and gift coupon, which I received two months ago, truly made my day. I am thankful for your thoughtful gesture, and it meant a lot to me. I want you to know that I am doing well in my new job and that I am happy with the company. I appreciate the role you played in matching my skills and ambitions with this opportunity.

I apologise once again for the delay in contacting you. The past few months have been busy, but I wanted to convey my appreciation for your assistance. Your professionalism and dedication as a Senior IT Technical Recruitment Consultant are commendable, and I am grateful for your support.

Thank you, Melanie, for everything you have done for me. I wish you continued success and hope to stay in touch as my career progresses. If there is anything I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Sunil | Candidate 

To whom it may concern,

YourRecruit has been exceptional every step of the way from contacting me about the job to guiding me through the interview and employment stages, they provided many materials in regard to preparation for interviews, and overall I would give their service a 10/10.

Adam | Candidate 

Hi, I’d like the say a big thank you for the support provided on the journey leading up to my new position. I’d like to say a thank you to Marc for his assistance on the journey and finding a suitable role in my career.

Once again many thanks,

Connor | Candidate 

This is a testimonial for Chloe for this great experience I had throughout this recruitment process. I want to thank her for her professionalism and expertise, she took me through everything in great detail and ensured I was supported with everything I needed to know for the role.

Ben | Candidate 

I would recommend YourRecruit agency to anyone looking for job at the moment. The recruiters are very helpful and friendly. They provide you with all the necessary information to prepare well for the interview. I’m very impressed.

Izabela | Candidate 

Many thanks to Nicky and YourRecruit team which has been very proactive and helpful in my job application which ended up to being successful.

Ivan | Candidate 

A big thank you to Laura, who was a great help and a great communicator. She was the epitome of professional. Overall the service from YourRecruit was excellent. Laura was friendly, and gave just the right amount of push and always happy to answer any questions I had. She was also always very happy and willing to go back to the client with some of the more difficult questions. This has been my best recruiter experience in my 17 years in the industry. Very grateful for the Role and the Experience.

Jacob | Candidate 

Chloe was a great help, at every step of the recruitment process. She communicated well and was able to assist me in securing my first IT role. Very grateful for the experience.

Jeremy | Candidate 

Melanie was invariably patient, positive, friendly and helpful in all our interactions. She asked me to explain what kind of work I was looking for and quickly identified several potential job opportunities. She offered advice about companies and prospective interviewers and made useful suggestions on how best to approach the actual interviews. She kept in frequent touch and was always available to answer any questions I might have or to chase up companies on my behalf where necessary. She found me the full-time position I currently hold within 12 days of first contacting me, so I am, needless to say, very pleased with the service provided by Chloe and YourRecruit! My thanks to him for all her help.

Matthew | Candidate 

Thank you for your help and efforts during the process. You have been very helpful and held my hand to go through every single step. I am very grateful to have you as my agent and I will definitely recommend my friends to seek your help in the future when they need to find a job.

Thanks again for everything!

Sampson | Candidate 

It’s the personal touches that make a big difference.

– Took time to answer all of my questions, and got answers if they didn’t have answers to hand.

– Worked with me to understand my skillset, my career goals and personal goals to find me a suitable position.

– Took my concerns seriously and arranged follow up interviews to address them.

– Checked in on me after I accepted the role to see if I was OK during my notice period, and offered support if I needed it.

– Sent me a congratulations card & gift of coffees after starting my new job.

I personally haven’t been exposed to a recruitment service that is as transparent, honest and caring. Thank you to the team @ YourRecruit Group / YourRecruit IT Limited for the wonderful experience!
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Zak | Candidate 

YourRecruit consistently delivers great results for us.

Their friendly and professional attitude makes them a pleasure to deal with!

Garry | Client

Nicky got in touch regarding a new role I might find of interest in cloud infrastructure. At the time I was managing on permanent infrastructure, looking for a cloud role without a lot of experience. We had a chat about my situation and the role she had to offer, which sounded great, and ended up setting up a first interview, which ultimately led to a second interview and a job offer, which I accepted.

Nicky was always checking in pre and post interviews, making sure I had and knew everything I needed, whilst trying to get what was best for me in the new role. She’s not your typical recruiter, very professional, listened, always phoned back, never got that typical salesperson / recruiter feeling at all, felt more like a personal recruiter working for you trying to find you the best role possible.

Definitely recommend getting in touch with Nicky, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Leigham | Candidate 

Laura is one of the nicest and most professional individuals I’ve come across. From start to finish she has been very helpful and has supported me in finding a new role!

Kaiyan | Candidate 

Had great support from Laura throughout the recruitment process. She was diligent proactive and ensured the whole process just worked, keeping me informed the entire time. I can highly recommend Laura.

Paul | Candidate 

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Nicky for helping me get the job, she’s been really nice, friendly and helpful to me from start to finish. She arranged the meeting with the client and updated with everything. She also checked in and wished me luck for my interview. Just want to say thank you so much Nicky for all your help, and sorry as I know I used to ask so many questions!!

Imran | Candidate 

YourRecruit was very attentive and made sure all my questions were answered.

The team fully supported me through the interview and onboarding processes. I would highly recommend YourRecruit!

Leanne | Candidate 

I really recommend signing up to YourRecruit, as my recent experience with them has been amazing! As well having a great team that communicates with you efficiently, they are also very friendly and provide a warm welcome!

Curtis | Candidate

I just want to give a huge thanks to YourRecruit for their time and effort in onboarding me within my new role; as well as setting up the interviews and alleviating concerns I had with the offer/contract. I know it was not easy due to my situation at the time, but I’m glad I secured the opportunity. After a few early starts and late/sleepless nights, I am now in the position to begin my new chapter for 2022. Thank you for everything !

Yasin | Candidate

We have used YourRecruit Group to fill a number of roles over the last few years. They are always attentive, listen carefully to our requirements and then work hard to find the right candidates for the role. The process has always been smooth and easy and all candidates have clearly been chosen because they can fill elements of what can be quite specialised roles very quickly. We always come back to YourRecruit Group when we have another role to fill because they do a good job of finding the right candidate for the role!

Sarah  | Client

I have found YourRecruit IT extremely helpful and supportive during a recent demanding recruitment process. Not only was the communication great but the candidates supplied were of high calibre and have hit the ground running.  On top of all of this I found their fees competitive.

Simon | Client

I have worked with YourRecruit IT a few times over the years and it is a fantastic agency. They check in on you regularly and make sure you are happy with your assignment.  They are also hugely flexible when it comes to holiday etc. I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough, when my current contract ends if I don’t have anything lined up YourRecruit IT will be my first choice to find a new role.

Abi  | Candidate

I contacted YourRecruit IT as I was looking for a new career move and wanted to get into IT. Chloe was great to deal with, really taking the time to understand what I was looking for and the level of experience I had. Having discussed my options, Chloe helped me secure a 1st and 2nd interview, and with her help, I’ve just found out I’ve been offered the job and am just waiting for a confirmed start date. Thank you Chloe, you gave me the confidence to succeed.

Viktor | Candidate

Massive thanks to Michael and the team for being on top of things constantly, not just the friendly voice on the end of the phone line. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and being there for those all important sanity checks when I wasn’t sure whether to be shaking hands with the interviewer during the pandemic or not!

Alex | Candidate

From start to finish, Laura and the team at YourRecruit IT were great to deal with. Having submitted my CV for a role, they were quick to contact me to talk through the position and another couple of opportunities that had just come through.  Interviews were booked, great advice given, and a call with a job offer.  Excellent service from start to finish. A standout Recruitment Agency in my opinion.  Highly recommended!!

Manjeet | Candidate

Marc contacted me from YourRecruit IT just last week. He had found my CV online and approached me with a 2nd/3rd Line Support Analyst role. The job sounded like a good fit for my technical ability, so we went ahead with the process. I quickly secured a 1st and 2nd interview and am very pleased to have been offered the permanent job starting in a couple of weeks! Marc and his colleagues were all extremely helpful throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend anyone looking for work, to contact these guys. Thank you again.

Robert | Candidate

I applied to a job advertised by YourRecruit IT and was shortly contacted by Michael about an IT Support Analyst role.

Michael supported me and ensured that I was always informed throughout the whole process with frequent calls, he was very easy to talk with and speaking with him made me feel more confident and prepared for the interview.

Using YourRecruit IT made finding a job much easier and less stressful and I was offered the job the day after the interview.  I would highly recommend using YourRecruit IT and thanks to Michael for all his effort and help in the process.

Sophie | Candidate

It has been an absolute pleasure working with YourRecruit and in particular Marc.

Right from the initial conversation, Marc worked really hard and quickly to understand the needs of our company and understand the person we needed. Going beyond looking at the job specification and finding out what type of person was required for the projects the business was engaging in and the experience needed to carry out BAU. Marc quickly came back to us with a number of suitable candidates that he had vetted and recommended to us. Ultimately, his candidate secured the position.

Carl | Client

I came across YourRecruit whilst helping my son with his job hunting. As a result of their professionalism with my son’s job search I suggested that my Director use the agency to help find a new staff member.  We have been so impressed with the recruitment service they’ve given. In the end we were unable to decide between 2 candidates, so we took both on!  Thank you team YourRecruit IT, we will be back!

Sarah | Client

I have had a good experience working with Marc and Your Recruit IT to find my new role. Communication was regular, friendly and supportive and I always felt that I had the information needed to prepare for interviews. I was particularly happy about the efficiency of the team, avoiding a drawn out process which is unfortunately the hallmark of some applications. Overall, I am very happy with my new role and would like to thank Marc for his help in securing it during this difficult time in the job market.

Andy | Candidate

This morning I got the fantastic news that I have been offered a job role at a thriving marketing agency which originated from Marc at YourRecruit contacting me on behalf of the company after finding my CV online.

I have been very fortunate to have both Marc and Michael work with me and offer their expert advice both over the phone and in emails regarding information on the company and interview preparation. As a newcomer to using recruitment agents, both Marc and Michael also did a brilliant job making me feel comfortable with the process and answered all my questions. It is from my own experience that I will be recommending this recruitment agency to friends and graduates looking for work in the digital and IT sector. Thanks again, Marc and Michael!

Edward | Candidate

I want to say thank you to Marc for assisting me with securing a new role. The current climate has left some of us unsure of the future, but I was lucky enough to be told about a fantastic opportunity, interview for it a few days later and receive an offer the next day! I will be starting next week and am very much looking forward to the new challenge!
Marc was supportive, professional and helpful throughout and I would absolutely recommend YourRecruit IT moving forward.

Matt | Candidate

Thanks to Michael at YourRecruit IT I have just started working in my dream job, he made sure to check on me and how everything was going and supported me the entire way. The communications between Michael and the company were so efficient I had a job offer before I was on my way home. Everything about the process was brilliant, quick and kind. I recommend Michael at YourRecruit IT for anyone and everyone!

Connor | Candidate

Working with YourRecruit is as easy at it can get. Friendly, professional and efficient. I have used YourRecruit’s services for several different technical positions very successfully. When I next have a vacancy I won’t hesitate to turn to them first.”

David | Client 

I am confident about the services of Marc and I can surely recommend his and the services at YourRecruit IT.

Mike | Candidate

YourRecruit IT has to be one of the best recruitment companies that I have seen. The whole process from start to finish was a professional and supportive experience.
As soon as I spoke to them, I knew that I would receive a high-quality service, and indeed, I was not let down. YourRecruit IT are a lovely and exceptional agency who truly wants the best for both the employer and the employee. They were fully engaged in the process and always updated me if there were any developments.
My experience with YourRecruit IT has been excellent and if there was a rating system, I would not hesitate to provide them with a 5* rating.

Bilal | Candidate

I had a great experience with Marc, who helped me out in all of the interview process until I got the job. The most important thing I like is the material you provided to prepare for the interview, believe me it’s helped me a lot. I had a very positive experience dealing with you, in a professional, timely manner and communication was top notch.
Thanks again!

Muhammad | Candidate

I was very pleased with the service that Marc and the team provided, I had an amazing experience with YourRecruit IT and I am looking forward to starting my new role which they found me!
I had not yet started to look for work when you called me and offered me this position, so I am really happy!

Kat | Candidatemkk


The YourRecruit IT team are fantastic. The communication is brilliant and they really offer support and guidance, never falling to follow up and no question left unanswered in the run up to the interview. Consultants are very friendly and easy to talk to. They showed professionalism in finding me an IT position with a fantastic company. YourRecruit IT should be everyone’s first choice when finding an IT role. Amazing service, thank you.

Mohammad | Candidate

I have enjoyed the experience of looking for a new job with YourRecruit IT, they were very pleasant and understanding. You are the BEST!

Naeef | Candidate

Great thanks YourRecruit IT! In all my years in the industry you have been the best company I have ever come across to represent my career progression to secure a new role. Found every angle was covered up to date and the willingness to help plus professionalism to deal with a sometimes tough HR process made extremely easy. Thanks for sharing with me this new chapter stay in touch!

Ravin | Candidate

As a candidate of Marc’s, I received excellent support and service throughout. From the beginning of the selection process, Marc engaged with me fully and regularly; providing superb and accurate knowledge of the company, role and person specification. Throughout the interview stage, he supported with preparation, guidance and encouragement, never failing to follow up, and no question left unanswered. I am pleased to say I was successful in my application as I got the job – I owe a lot to Marc. The best recruiter I have worked with!

Borislava | Candidate

I just wanted to thank Laura very much for assisting me in finding a new contract. She has been extremely helpful since we’ve been in touch. During this process, I have been in contact with plenty of recruiters, but she has been the most helpful and dedicated by far. Thanks again for everything.

Amo | Candidate

Thank you to Marc and the team, they are friendly and professional. They went above and beyond to ensure that I attained the contract I wanted. Thank you!

Colin | Candidate

Chloe has always been a great support to me. From helping me secure my current role in the first place to giving timesheet advice and negotiating contract extensions.

Nadeem | Candidate

Nicky is a fun and welcoming person and it has been a pleasure communicating and working with her to find myself a new role. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity she has given me and forever thankful.

Aaron | Candidate

This is my first experience with YourRecruit IT and I must say it has been a very pleasurable one indeed. I dealt direct with Molly, she has been fantastic through the entire process from the initial application all the way through to contract signing, she kept me in the loop at each stage of my application and even sent interview preparation documentation which was a great help as I haven’t been for an interview for a while, thanks to her I have landed the job I have been seeking at the location I was hoping for. Thank you Molly.

George | Candidate

Frankly, Michael has been helpful throughout the whole process. His support and guidance on all sides has been outstanding and he made me feel comfortable with all aspects of securing me a new role.

Muhammad | Candidate

YourRecruit IT has been amazing and supportive in finding me a new job. I would especially like to thank Laura, she has been very helpful in finding me this job and keeping me updated. I would 100% recommend YourRecruit IT to anyone who is looking for a job.

Tyrell | Candidate

From start to finish YourRecruit IT helped me with my job search and securing my new role. Massive thanks for all your help and support throughout the process!

Milan | Candidate

Marc has been by far one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. He was supportive in finding a suitable role and encouraging throughout the whole interview process. I will no doubt be coming back to Marc if I am in need of finding another role. His empathetic attitude and cheerful nature on the phone is an experience which was most contagious. An absolute pleasure to deal with, 10/10 recruiter.

James | Candidate

I would like to thank and commend Marc for the excellent service that he has provided. Setting aside Marc’s professionalism and excellence, Marc was incredibly comprehensive in providing me with an in-depth insight into the company’s structure and ethics, alongside valuable tools in preparation for both interviews.

Secondly, Marc has been extremely patient throughout this process, end to end.

I highly commend Marc as a true professional, and a valuable asset to ‘YourRecruit IT

Jason | Candidate

Michael approached me when he came across my CV online with a potential position I might be interested in, he was extremely professional in his conduct during my application and his communication was sublime throughout. I’d highly recommend.

It’s been a pleasure working with you, thanks for all your help.

Jake | Candidate

I have been consistently impressed with Marc’s attitude since the first day she contacted me for an IT technician position.

During the time that he has helped me with the recruitment process, I found Marc to be very friendly, intelligent and hard-working. I would recommend Marc as a consultant to anyone for their job search.

I’m sure that his efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and to have this important support that I’ve had.

Masroor | Candidate

Michael prepared me really well for both the phone interview and in person interview, I felt like he really helped me know what to focus on and I got the job so I think he did quite well! He’s also followed up with me a few times since I started.

Sorcha | Candidate

Both of my consultants during my time with YourRecruit IT (Marc & Michael) have given me excellent service, kept me in the loop and answered my queries.

Nadeem | Candidate

I worked with YourRecruit IT for the current contract role I’m in. It has been an amazing experience.

Their proactiveness made the process quite easy and quick I would definitely recommend them as a recruitment agency and would get in touch for any other opportunities in future.

Akanksha | Candidate

I had a great experience with YourRecruit during my job search.

With the help of Laura and Marc, I was matched to roles that suited not only my qualifications and experience but they also took into consideration my personality, matching me with companies whose staff and characteristics they knew would complement mine and with whom I would be particularly suited to work well.

They are extremely efficient – there is no waiting around or chasing and processes are worked through quickly and with care. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would not hesitate to return to them for help with another job search, should I ever find myself in one.

Sophie | Candidate

I’ve dealt with many recruiters, but Nicky is hands down the best I’ve come across.

She matched me to a role perfectly and I felt totally prepared for the interview with her help. And I’ve since been taken on by the employer.

I thoroughly recommend Nicky and YourRecruit IT to anyone looking for IT work.

Nadeem | Candidate

Very helpful service, friendly staff, great communication.

YourRecruit IT is very helpful! Would recommend.

James | Candidate

A very big thanks to all your hard work in helping and supporting me securing this job!

I literally couldn’t have done it without you Team YourRecruit, so from the bottom the of my heart thank you!

Please do pass this onto your director so he/she can see how fabulous you guys are at your job!

Ryan | Candidate

“The team at YourRecruit IT has been invaluable. Not often do you find a business that has a similar mindset to your own and positions themselves as an extension to your own business. We provide an IT department to our clients they provide a ‘recruitment department’ to theirs. Our ethos is every customer is new, every customer is unique in their own right and YourRecruit’s attitude is the same. They took the time to get to know our business and our requirements, we have continued to build a good trading relationship with the accuracy of candidates put forward getting better and better.”

Mark | Client

“We were really pleased with the service Laura and YourRecruit IT provided. Laura was fantastic, providing excellent candidates within hours of being given the role and being not pushy in the slightest – a rare quality in a recruiter! She listened to our requirements and I felt confident in trusting Laura’s judgement. I’d happily use Laura and YourRecruit IT again and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Michaela | Client

“Nicky at YourRecruit IT has helped Ez-Runner on a number of Developer appointments. The service has stood for me due to the suitability of candidates – which illustrates their attention to our needs. This together with a friendly and flexible approach makes me comfortable to recommend to anyone looking for a recruitment partner.”

Stefan | Client 

“YourRecruit IT have been working for us for nearly a year, sourcing and securing quality high staff for our company. Their in-depth knowledge in the field is invaluable, and their attitude is always helpful rather than forceful. I have many recruitment companies call me on a daily basis and I am always happy to hear from YourRecruit IT.”

HR Manager | Client

I have found YourRecruit IT extremely helpful and supportive during a recent demanding recruitment process.

Not only was the communication great but the candidates supplied were of high calibre and have hit the ground running.  On top of all of this I found their fees competitive.

We will be using them again, but only after steak and chips!

Simon | Client

My experience working with Marc has been fantastic. He has been incredibly helpful through each step of the hiring process and successfully helped me get a job which is a great step forward for me in my career.

His communication with me has always been swift, friendly and helpful; every time I had a question, problem or just needed to get in touch he was always there ready to help. It’s been great that he’s been in touch prior to me starting my new job to check up on me and make sure everything is okay and that I’m ready, so he’s been there to help every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Marc as a recruiter; he will make the stress of trying to find a new job a much smoother and easier experience.

Chloe | Candidate

Extra ordinary customer service and the communication I have received from YourRecruit IT is really impressive.

Very quick and helpful service to find your job. I would recommend anyone and everyone to YourRecruit IT.

Mohammed | Candidate

Marc contacted me for a position he was recruiting for in my region. He was professional and very supportive through each interview stage whilst also supplying great advice.

I’d highly recommend using YourRecruit IT and also very grateful for the help I received!

Nicholas | Candidate

I was contacted by YourRecruit IT for a Junior Developer position in London. The team arranged an interview on my behalf. I had to reschedule my interview. They were very supportive and professional throughout this whole process.

I would certainly recommend YourRecruit IT for tech job search in future.

A big thanks again to YourRecruit IT.

Narinder | Candidate

Was contacted by Marc for a Graphic Design position after he found my CV online. I’d been looking for many months and this job was ideal for me. He provided great communication throughout and was patient through the negotiation process and finally getting the offer. Would certainly recommend Marc and YourRecruit IT.

Allan | Candidate

A very friendly, professional, efficient and superb service. I would recommend them anytime. Keep up the good job!

Oti | Candidate

Helpful people. Who got me an interview within a day.

Kieren | Candidate

YourRecruit IT are excellent at what they do. I was dealt with by Marc who is a credit to the business. Constantly in communication with me and always lets you know where you stand. Thankyou

Jesse | Candidate

Excellent communication and always willing to help. I got my first IT role through this company and have been in touch to move to another. They are always helpful and will chase up on roles that are best suited for you. Thank you to the team!

Charith | Candidate

I have benefited from the excellent services of YourRecruit IT. The staff have been extremely professional by securing me an interview. I highly recommend them.

Natalia | Candidate

First class service from Nicky on my first ever contract placement following redundancy earlier this year. She found me the perfect opening based on the skills and attributes on my CV and held my hand throughout the contract. I would definitely recommend YourRecruit IT.

William | Candidate

Excellent communication and always happy to help.

Tsetso | Candidate

YourRecruit IT contacted me a few weeks ago regarding a job, since then I have had continuous updates from Michael over the phone and email about my application. Very professional and easy to deal with!

Ryan | Candidate

Very Professional would recommended if your looking for a IT role. Would work with Laura again!

Daley | Candidate

Excellent Service. Great Communication. Consistent Delivery.

Ankit | Candidate

Applied for a job through YourRecruit IT and Joanna was professional throughout the process and even battled for me in regards to salary. Would definitely approach in the future if needs must.

Kyle | Candidate

YourRecruit IT is a great recruitment agency. They have helped me find the perfect job in Digital marketing. They have also mentored, coached and advised me on how to perfect my interviewing skills. Thanks

Kadeem | Candidate

YourRecruit IT were fantastic in placing me with a great company which I have now comfortably passed my probation and look forward to serving for years to come.

Laura was great with communication and providing guidance to the whole process and I would recommend both her and the agency to those looking for roles in the field of IT.

Again thank you for your assistance with this placement.

Michael | Candidate

Great staff. They work really fast

Tunde | Candidate

Would definitely recommend YourRecruit IT to anyone looking for new position within IT and Digital. Communication with the team is always on a very high level. Everyone is very professional, friendly and has a good sense of humour!

Malwina | Candidate

Great company. They excel at picking the right candidates for jobs and offering great interview advice.

Desiree | Candidate

Best of the best!
Now I have new job closer to home!
I have more time for my family!
100% positive review!

Tomasz | Candidate

An excellent agency, who have helped me get interviews, to help me progress my career. The staff are very helpful and have excellent communication.

Aaron | Candidate

Excellent communication and very proactive. YourRecruit IT is the best agency I have dealt with to date so a huge thanks to the YourRecruit IT team.

Matt | Candidate

Marc has assisted me in landing an outstanding opportunity. The process was seamless and extremely helpful. Many Thanks to YourRecruit IT 🙂

Mazed | Candidate

Fantastic recruitment company. Communication is always 5 star. Can’t fault them. They are proactive and very professional.

Yemi | Candidate

Very informative and helpful with Nicky she makes you feel comfortable with the agency.

Ola | Candidate

Excellent service, The team are amazing and assist you all the way, highly recommend!

Tafseer | Candidate

The first time I walked into the YourRecruit IT office I was greeted with a warm reception and I immediately felt welcome and significant. This gave me confidence which got the ball rolling off to a good start from the get go.

From there I spoke with Marc. He asked me about my qualifications, experience and ambitions. We spoke about potential roles that I may be suited to. Nicky (who gracefully popped in during our meeting) explained each role it in such a clear and friendly way. After a very encouraging meeting, I set off with a variety of suitable job opportunities coming my way.

YourRecruit IT kept up with me on each step towards achieving a new and exciting job role. Twice as motivated by the support I had received, I found it easier and more fun to prepare for my interviews up until the final interview.

The atmosphere in the room we met in for the final interview went to prove to me that YourRecruit IT found for me a place that I truly would like to work in. They prepared with me. They supported me. Thanks to Your Recruit IT, I am currently working for a company that I like. Doing a job that I enjoy. Where I can grow, learn and excel everyday. The atmosphere and the people are great and it was all so smoothly attained alongside YourRecruit IT.

Sam | Candidate

Couldn’t recommend the team at YourRecruit IT more. They were brilliant from start to finish, and even provide great aftercare to make sure both employee and employer are happy.

Sarah | Candidate

Great staff and always helpful. Would recommend everyone to check them out.

Ali | Candidate

Fantastic communication from start to finish. Thank you!

Alex | Candidate

Nicky was extremely helpful and supportive during the application process. I will recommend YourRecruit IT to my family and friends.

Rebecca | Candidate

I would highly recommend Your RecruitIT. An amazing team that are willing to help at all times.

They provide excellent service and are guaranteed to find a job for you. Give them a try they won’t let you down.

Tafseer | Candidate

I would like to personally thank you Laura for your excellent communication skills throughout this process. I have not seen this level of personal service from a recruiter in my working career. You have gone beyond the call of duty.

Thank you again for your time and efforts.

Charlie | Candidate

Nicky’s involvement throughout my job application process was fantastic. From the initial telephone conversation through to the interview stages, she has been friendly, supportive and extremely effective with her communication between parties.

I felt confident as she kept me up to speed with what was happening and enjoyed liaising with her. Award her employee of the month or at least a well-deserved glass!

Rhys | Candidate

Laura has been a really helpful recruiter. Louise has been really quick and sufficient in organising interviews, giving all necessary information about the company, keeping update to date with the feedback.

I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone who really wants to look for an ideal role in a company. Louise has been really supporting recruiter.

Hema | Candidate

Great recruitment service.

YourRecruit IT kept a good level of communication at all interview stages and provided interview tips which were really helpful in securing the position.

Mariette | Candidate

I found dealing with Laura from YourRecruit IT a very pleasant and easy experience. She was friendly, knowledgeable and very proactive.

I was provided with all the details required to be successful in my interview, as well as thorough instructions to find where I was going. Also for less experienced interviewees, they provide very solid tips on interviewing that may help you get that job.

It was an all-round professional service, and I would use them again in future.

James | Candidate

My experience of recruitment companies has generally not been good but, dealing with Nicky and YourRecruit IT has been a refreshing change.

As well as Nicky I have found all the staff to be very helpful. I have been kept informed and updated in a professional but friendly manner.

Well done!

Mark | Candidate

I had a few recruitment companies try to help me find a job. From start to finish YourRecruit IT has by far been the best and been able to find me a new role.

I believe it was down to one person Marc, who was professional throughout the process and spoke to me like a person with easy flow conversation and friendliness.

I would recommend Marc to anyone who needs to look for the right role for them.

James | Candidate

YourRecruit IT were of great help throughout the recruitment process.

Continuously and enthusiastically following up in order to bridge the interaction between the employer and myself, they are undoubtedly excellent at what they do. Statement also supported by the numerous others who have used the services of YourRecruit. Definitely recommend!

Rafael | Candidate

Marc has been fantastic from beginning to end!

He advertised the position in a way which disclosed little about the organisation but pique my interest enough to motivate me into giving my greatest effort. This led to securing an exciting Job with a Prestigious Housing Association.

He assisted me through every step of the process and ensured I was prepared for the interview.

My biggest thanks!

Mazed | Candidate

I’d like to thank YourRecruit IT which through Laura made contact with me about two great opportunities and due to this, now I’m working in a great company and enjoying my new job.

After some calls and e-mails I fell in love with all Laura’s good energy and sympathy. I hope that she keeps doing this great job and helping people like me to find new jobs and challenges.

Thank YourRecruit IT and mainly Laura.

Denis | Candidate

I’d like to give a special thanks to the team at YourRecruit IT, they made the entire job search process so easy from start to finish and always catered towards my requirements.

They have an amazing service and help you even with the interview areas and always check up on you afterwards to give feedback of how it went.

I’m glad I came across the team and would highly recommend anyone to use this company if they are seeking a job in IT.

Gavin | Candidate

A big thanks to Nicky who kept in touch with me from initial contact all the way through to my accepting my position.

She kept me up to date with any changes that were going on in the background and gave me very helpful advice on my interview and my preparation.

I would wholeheartedly recommend YourRecruitIT for any recruitment needs.

Steve | Candidate

Laura helped to find me a new position, she was very helpful though the process with great attention to detail.

I would highly recommend Laura from both a personal and business perspective.

Dan | Candidate

My experience with YourRecruit IT was a very professional quick and efficient process. My consultant found me the perfect role that was relevant to the skills and experience that I have.

They assisted me throughout the whole interview process which led to me being offered a position. I couldn’t be more than happier with the service and would definitely recommend YourRecruit IT.

Amaechi | Candidate

I have recently found a new job thanks to the help of one of your recruiters.

I’d just like to commend them on how easy and simple they made the process from start to finish. They are without a doubt, the best recruitment agent I’ve ever been in contact with.

Jack | Candidate

‘Whilst sipping my usual morning latte, a senior YourRecruit IT consultant telephoned to say that he had me in mind for a marketing position: his confidence, courtesy and charm were incentive enough for me to say, “Yes, I’m interested, … VERY interested.”

‘The consultant equipped me with helpful interview tips and invaluable directions to the company’s HQ.  And, within one week of our first chat, he had already called to congratulate me for having successfully secured the job.  Mission accomplished!

Many thanks Marc!’

Abigail | Candidate

Highly recommend YourRecruit IT.

From start to finish their interpersonal skills and professionalism made the stressful task of looking for a job seem an easy breeze!

Will be coming back to YourRecruit IT for assistance in the future, whether it’s looking as employee or employer.

Sarah | Candidate

I can’t express how happy I am to have found my new role, Thank you for all your help from start to finish and guidance through this fast and efficient process.

Thomas | Candidate

Nicky was a pleasure to work with, not only due to her professionalism and support but also with her friendly and pleasant manner.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new job.

Daniel | Candidate

My initial impression of Marc was that he is a very strong communicator and highly organised and efficient. Marc listened to my needs as a candidate and endeavoured to ensure any interviews I attended, were highly relevant.

His quick turn around and approachable manner made the whole process very quick and easy. I would highly recommend Marc as a recruiter and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future!

Fleur | Candidate

Louise was an extremely friendly and professional recruiter and a pleasure to work with. She kept me up to date at all times and made the entire process of finding a job much easier.

I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a new role.

James | Candidate

Louise and her team were extremely effective at locating a suitable position for me and were greatly supportive throughout the process! They kept in regular contact and ensured that all possible assistance was provided. Highly recommended!

Thank you!

Michael | Candidate

Hi Louise, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we were as a team with the carefully selected candidates which you sent through.

It was so difficult trying to choose between, and the shame was that we couldn’t take both! We are very much looking forward to the successful candidate joining us in July.

Victor | Client

Thank you all for your hard work and perseverance! We hope you enjoy the Champagne – make sure you enjoy it in the heat wave (don’t save it for a rainy day)

Thanks again

Faye & Luisa | The Final Step

This is the first time I have used YourRecruit IT and was extremely happy with the service and the results.

Louise was very professional and helped me through the recruitment process. I would use YourRecruit IT again and highly recommend their services.

Andrew | Candidate

I would like to thank Louise and the team at YourRecruit for helping me secure my new role. The constant updates via email and telephone were extremely helpful and I felt that everything I said was taken on-board.

Initially I applied for a different role, and Louise placed a new role in front of me which was a perfect match.

Once again, many thanks!

Ollie | Candidate

Today I found myself a new job, ending a 4 month period of job searching. I’ve had the pleasure and the pain of dealing with some excellent recruiters and some significantly less excellent ones.  All the effort put into interview preparation and the time spent attending interviews has been both stressful and time consuming in equal measure.

So I would like to thank Louise Bishop https://lnkd.in/dtQRDSC from YourRecruit IT – I would highly recommend both Louise and her company. To those I worked with who are still looking, I sympathise with you. Job searching on the face of it is a miserable thing. I looked at it as an opportunity to find a new challenge and that’s the mentality I have taken to every interview.

Have faith that the company who wants you and your particular skill set is out there, it’s just a question of you finding each other. That’s why you need to find a good recruiter, spend time talking to them but appreciate that this is first and foremost a numbers game and if you are not fully proactive about this, there are people out there who are and they will beat you to it every time.

Patrick | Candidate

Worked with Nic on a recent IT Support Engineer role. Communications were speedy and professional. Interviews arranged and job offers followed all communicated superbly by Nic.

After sales was also very evident and a refreshing change from some recruitment agencies.

Anthony | Candidate

Nic at YourRecruit IT was extremely helpful and swift in helping me secure a fantastic role.

Her proactive approach and positivity was instrumental to helping ease the entire process, all the way from preparation to feedback.

Kamaljit | Candidate

Emily initially identified that my skills and experience were a good match with the requirements of a prospective employer. This matching enabled a smooth start-up.

She regularly contacted me to monitor the situation, which was very reassuring.

I would certainly recommend Emily for her professional attitude and caring attitude.

Peter | Candidate

Emily contacted me regarding an IT Analyst position where I can also make use of my retail experience.

She kept me well up to date and was overall extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her and YourRecruit IT to anyone.

Tibor | Candidate

From day one of being contacted by Emily at YourRecruit IT, she has remained helpful and humble throughout. She has provided me with the best possible service and aiding me in looking for my ideal role.

Emily submitted me for a role that was a bit out of my comfort zone initially, but she explained the possibilities and potential the role had to offer. Biting the bullet, I stuck it out. Turns out I love the company, the environment and the role!

I can’t thank Emily enough for her aid in finding my future career! YourRecruit IT is doing their job well!

Landan | Candidate

I worked with Nic on a recent IT Support Engineer role. Communications were speedy and professional. Interviews arranged and job offers followed all communicated superbly by Nic.

After sales was also very evident and a refreshing change from some recruitment agencies.

Tony | Candidate

I was contacted by Nic about a Graphic Design job. It was perfect for me. She kept in touch and constantly updated me throughout the application and interview process, and offered constant support and encouragement. Everything she said she would do, she did. This seems to be a rarity these days, so I was extremely grateful.

I would like to say a special thank you to Nic. Since being made redundant, I have had a few agencies contact me, but they didn’t really seem to bother properly looking at my CV, or understanding anything about me. Nic completely understood me and what I was looking for, and thanks to her, I now have a new job.

I would fully recommend YourRecruit IT, and in particular, Nic, to anyone looking for a new job in the future. Thank you very much.

Sophie | Candidate

Emily from YourRecruit is a very proactive recruiter that maintained great momentum during my recruitment process. The communication I received exceeded my expectations and I was placed within a timely fashion into a suitable role.

I recommend her service and would use again in the future. Many thanks

David | Candidate

“I was contact by Emily recently and with a web design position that is absolutely perfect for me. This was to be my first full-time role in England and coming from Australia it was great to secure a position so quickly through YourRecruit IT. Emily is extremely personable and a pleasure to chat with, she always follows up on the position process every step of the way and delivers the feedback you need. I would highly recommend YourRecruit IT as a recruiter without hesitation.”

Jason | Candidate

“Thank you Charlie and your team, you are by far the best recruitment agency I’ve come across.”

Wayne | Candidate

“Nic is a great recruiter to work with, thoroughly helpful and always on hand for advice throughout my employment process. I would highly recommend using her.”

Louise | Candidate

“Thanks for your work; you are a great recruiter Louise, a rarity these days. I’ll certainly be recommending you and your company.”

Lorne | Candidate

“Gosh! I’m so excited! I seriously can’t remember being this excited about previous jobs.
Anyway just wanted to say a very big thanks to you Charlie, Louise and Emily for making this match. All the best and many thanks again!”

Sharon | Candidate

“How can I put into words how professional, efficient and utterly fantastic Charlie has been to work with on securing this position, words can’t describe other than you’re a star!!!”

Louise | Candidate

“Charlie from YourRecruit IT was polite, professional and effective at finding me an incredible position at my new workplace.
I was kept informed at all stages of the process; I will not be hesitating to recommend Charlie.”

Sam | Candidate

“Have dealt with Nic since she phoned me up regarding employment opportunities, I was looking for a new job and Nic was prompt in putting me forward for the type of jobs I was looking for. She was keen to explore my needs and match me to the right position.”

Philip | Candidate

“I have just verbally accepted a job offer from a very successful international company providing workforce solutions to FTSE 100 companies. A great role in a great company, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s all thanks to Charlie, my recruitment consultant at YourRecruit (IT) Limited, who was very thorough (and patient) during an extended interview period (his client had diary issues due to unexpected absences). Charlie kept me in touch throughout, and represented my views very clearly with the client – resulting in the job offer this afternoon.
I would highly recommend YourRecruit as someone to trust with your job search – the very fact that they are successfully dealing with such a great company as their client, says it all. Many thanks.”

Russel | Candidate

“Thank you Louise for your skilled coaching, attention to detail and thorough preparation in enabling me to secure my latest position. Nothing was left to chance, all queries were dealt with promptly. The communication with my future employer facilitated by Louise was first class and the whole process felt (relatively) stress-free. Thanks Louise, I could have done it without you (but it would have been much more difficult and stressful!)”.

Mike | Candidate

“I would like to thank Charlie of YourRecruit IT for all his hard work in securing me with an excellent position. Throughout my job hunting process Charlie conducted himself with enthusiasm, professionalism and intelligence, it is for this reason that I would not hesitate to recommend YourRecruit IT to any friends or family currently looking for a job in the IT sector.”

Jack | Candidate

“Emily was brilliant to deal with from the moment she contacted me about the opportunity, providing invaluable advice and feedback throughout the interview process. Would highly recommend Emily to candidates and clients alike, and look forward to working with her in future as part of my new role.”

Adam | Candidate

“Nic was a great help in my search for a new role. I found her very professional and effective, providing great support and going above and beyond to help fulfil my requirements.”

Gareth | Candidate

“When I first received a call from Louise she came across as someone who wasn’t just another recruiter, she was very friendly and easy to talk to. Throughout the interview process she kept in touch making sure I was fully prepared this was a great help in keeping me focused. I could really tell that she cared about giving me the best chance at getting a job offer; which I did and I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement that she offered during the process.”

Marcus | Candidate

“Job hunting it is always a stressful path to walk, but thanks to Charlie from YourRecruit (IT) Limited this was the best experience I ever had. When I started to look for a new job, I convinced myself that this would be a long journey, well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a week, I secured myself a job, and not only “a” job, but my dream job. After my initial contact with Charlie, it took 1 day to have an interview appointment and believe me or not, the next day, Charlie was congratulating me for my new job. I couldn’t believe myself how easy and fast it was, especially in this time of the year (Christmas). If I ever need to find a job again, I know whose door I will be knocking. I am deeply grateful for this great Christmas present that Charlie and YourRecruit IT gave me, a sincere thank you to them.”

Sergio | Candidate

“With Charlie’s help and guidance through the process I was well prepared for the interviews and have found the perfect job. I would recommend Charlie to anyone, he is very professional and helpful. Thank you for all your help”

Lewis | Candidate

“Charlie, you have been absolutely brilliant. From the date when I submitted my CV to you, you immediately called me the next day to set up a telephone interview and made sure I was happy with proceeding. I could not have asked for a more calm and understanding Recruitment Consultant. Especially when you heard that I had been offered another position with a different company, and I was in a dilemma as to which offer I should accept. You had taken the time at that point to explain the key benefits and expectations I had which assured my decision in the end to go along with your offer. Your time and attention into the preparation of my interview is very much appreciated along with the materials you provided me with to do my research and calm myself beforehand. You always made sure to contact me whenever I was concerned, before and after every interview. If I ever need to look for employment again I know who to contact first, however I should be happy for years to come in my new employment. Thank you very much Charlie”.

Ali | Candidate

“Thanks to Nic’s help I was in a new job within a matter of weeks. I was well prepared for the interviews and had plenty of support throughout the whole process. If I ever need to find employment again I know where to go, but I’m so happy with my new job that I wont need to worry for many years to come!.”

Ian | Candidate

After successfully gaining employment thanks to YourRecruit IT I am pleased to be writing this testimonial. The consultants that I dealt with were very helpful and easy to get into contact with. The interview preparation given to me was exactly what was needed. The consultants were quick to give me feedback after my interviews. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a role in IT to sign up to YourRecruit. They provided me with an excellent opportunity to get my first role in IT and they could do the same for you!’

Rohit | Candidate

“Emily from YourRecruit IT approached me with a wonderful position based in Surrey. This role perfectly matched my expectation criteria. Emily provided me with an immaculate Interview preparation guide and notes which proved to be extremely helpful. I was nervous but Emily helped me overcome this by talking to me until the day of interview. She also coordinated the after interview process. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to recruitment Consultant Emily. My experience with YourRecruit was fantastic and I would recommend YourRecruit to people who are looking for great opportunities in South East England or London.”

Swati | Candidate

“I would like to thank you for bringing the IT Support role to my attention. It has been a pleasure dealing with YourRecruit IT. I really appreciated the helpful and informative advice regarding the interview, and I was very impressed with the candidate profile/covering letter which you attached to my CV when you sent it to the employer. You gave me a courtesy call the day before the interview to make sure everything was ok, and spoke to me shortly after the interview to see how it had gone. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and I recommend YourRecruit IT, and yourself in particular, very highly indeed.”

Andrew | Candidate

“Nic was a great help to find myself and colleagues new positions in a very difficult job market! Nic was very attentive, professional and constantly in touch throughout the recruitment process, always up to speed on latest developments and above all an absolute delight to correspond with! Would definitely recommend and hope to work with her again in the future!”

William | Candidate

“Louise was brilliant, just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for helping me in my job search and getting me this position. She was professional and very supportive keeping me updated and in contact making sure I was aware what was happening. Louise was a natural and very friendly, thank you again.”

Sayfur | Candidate

“I just really thank the team at YourRecruit IT for assisting me in my job search. They really took the time and effort to get me interviews and really make sure they understood my needs and what I really wanted to do in my career. I can’t thank them enough and if I ever need their help again I will contact the team!”

Pippa | Candidate

“Thank you so much to Emily and Nic for helping me get my new role. I had been looking for a new role for a couple of weeks and Emily contacted me about a Developer role in London. Throughout the interview process I dealt with both Emily and Nic who were super efficient and made sure I was thoroughly prepped for the role and ensured I was confident with the process and at each step I was given feedback and I can’t thank the ladies enough.”

Stephen | Candidate

“I found the service at YourRecruit IT to be very thorough and supportive throughout the entire application process. I’m very thankful that I had their help when applying for my job.”

Chris | Candidate

“I found Charlie extremely helpful and supportive in my job search. Thank you so much!”

Adam | Candidate

“Louise was brilliant throughout the entire recruitment process, she was easily contactable and very friendly. Louise provided me with lots of helpful information for the interview and got back to me promptly on any queries that I had which helped me secure the role!”

Sophie | Candidate

“Louise, I’ll be utterly honest when I say you are the only company I’ve ever dealt with that keeps you informed. Not wanting to denigrate your industry in general but very few agencies see candidates as little more than commission-cows. Dealing with you has been a breath of fresh air. Much appreciated.”

Peter | Candidate

“Many thanks to you for helping me to join my new company. The documents you sent to me were very helpful and the guidelines you gave me before the interview were great – you are a very good mentor! Keep up your good work…”

Samual | Candidate

“After finding me via LinkedIn, Nic understood the direction I wanted my career to take, and targeted roles specifically to me. She was always friendly, and never wasted my time nor tried to direct me towards roles I had no wish for, and the first interview she got for me resulted in an offer which I accepted. I look forward to my new role and am thankful for the input Nic had into this process.”

Phil | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT was fantastic in assisting me with my job search. My point of contact was perfect in identifying my skills and matching those with their current vacancies. I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process and would strongly recommend using their service whilst job hunting.”

Stephen | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT quickly paired me with an excellent role and I would strongly recommend the company to anyone looking for a new opportunity. Also, I would like to thank Louise for her great support and advice throughout the process. I would not hesitate to use YourRecruit IT in the future.”

Amy | Candidate

“I would like to thank you for your help. Emily was very helpful as she was always available when calling her and provided guidance in order to achieve the best at the interview. Most importantly she also made sure that the position I obtained was the right position for me. She then showed a keen interest on how I was getting on with the new job. Once again thank you!”

Viktoria | Candidate

“Thanks again for all the help, without it and the motivational speech you gave me when I was unsure if I could do the tests helped me massively. Thank you”

Matt | Candidate

“Charlie was so friendly, he was always there to answer any questions or queries I had. Not only this, but Charlie made himself available for these calls at any point of the day to assist me with my job search meaning that the difficulties I faced (communicating at work) disappeared.”

Sam | Candidate

“I would highly recommend YourRecruit IT, where Louise listened to exactly what I was looking for. She was very proactive, informative and gave me confidence from the start that she was going to find me a new role in an exciting company to continue my career in the developing world.”

Tom | Candidate

“YourRecruit (Nic) made me feel at ease from the initial point of contact, which was a phone call just to gather some information about my interests and whether or not I would be interested in applying for a position. They helped with the organisation of an interview in a professional manner allowing for the fact that I had a tight schedule due to having to travel from Wales for the interview and I was only available for a week. The continuous communication meant that I was kept in the loop at all times which especially helped when it came to negotiation. As we had previously been able to discuss what we felt was an acceptable offer. Their approach meant the whole process was polished and I didn’t feel pressured or alienated by attending interviews that were not for me.”

Craig | Candidate

“Charlie was very thorough in finding out what I was looking for rather than just matching me to a particular vacancy he was recruiting for. I always felt very well prepared for my interviews and nothing was too much trouble, including working around my current job and notice period.”

John | Candidate

“Thank you all your kind and good efforts, as this process has required management for which, you have been exemplary in every way. With the ability to be thoroughly professional, but yet in an oddly familiar way. Now that is a hard skill to master and we need to maintain! And with both our investment in time, and patience, it’s paid off. There was a lot of synchronicity about this whole process which in my book seemed to make this a much more positive experience all round. Thank you again and I will keep in touch. Many thanks”

Adam | Candidate

“I would highly recommend Louise to any candidate looking for work. She really did listen to what I was looking for and matched me to what I was looking for. I am really looking forward to starting my new job and a new chapter in my IT career.”

Michael | Candidate

“Nic is a rare type of recruitment consultant as she actually listened to me and cared that I found my perfect role! She always kept me up to date and did indeed find the right role for me – thanks Nic, you are a star – will definitely recommend you”!

Chloe | Candidate

“Hey Charlie, I really appreciate your effort. It is great to deal with a recruiter like yourself. Regards Adam”.

Adam | Candidate

“I just wanted to say thank you to Emily for helping me find a new job. She was very professional, kept me up to date with the progress of my application and gave me feedback, where I needed to improve in certain areas. Overall a great experience. Thank you.”

Arron | Candidate

“Louise was both hardworking and responsive in helping me find work. From seeking out potential employers, to chasing them down for interviews/feedback, Louise worked diligently to provide rapid, meaningful information to me. A real pleasure to work with!”

Kyle | Candidate

“I would like to thank Charlie who has been extremely helpful and supportive along with the YourRecruit team who have worked diligently to help me secure an exciting IT position. While working as a temp, I received friendly, helpful and supportive advice during every step of the journey resulting in me securing a permanent position at a young dynamic IT company. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Lloyd | Candidate

“Emily worked so hard to line up several interviews for me in a very short space of time. Striking while the iron is hot and relentlessly pursuing companies on my behalf to secure me the ideal role for my skills. Best experience of a recruiter I’ve ever had!”

Adam | Candidate

“…..Charlie was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Very professional and keen to chat and offer advice where possible. Charlie’s MEGA!!…..”

Greg | Candidate

“Thank you for all your hard work; it is so nice to talk to a recruitment agent who can actually communicate with candidates as a person and who understands their CV, believe me, there are many who can’t! Thank you for the uplift on the salary as well.”

Evie | Candidate

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help in securing me a new position. Having dealt with numerous agencies in the past months I have to say it has been a pleasure to deal with someone like yourself who actually seems to care about the candidate that they put forward for the role. I will recommend yourself and your company to anybody that asks me, you are a credit to your profession. Could you also pass on my thanks to your colleague Louise who has also been extremely helpful. Many Thanks again.”

Simon | Candidate

“From start to finish, Emily was clear with the information and quickly sorted out all communications. She found a suitable role for me very quickly and was very helpful throughout the application process, answering every question I had.”

Richard | Candidate

“It is sometimes difficult to know if a recruitment agent has your best interests in mind when looking for new roles. With Charlie I found this was not the case. He was genuine, honest and very helpful. When I had concerns Charlie was not afraid to go back to the company to voice them. Should I need to look for a new role again Charlie will be the first person I contact. Thanks for your help!”

Alex | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT and Nic in particular really helped me through the whole process of getting my current job, the communication between YourRecruit IT and myself was exceptional which in the end helped me succeed with the interview and gain employment.”

Kyle | Candidate

“I highly recommend Nic at YourRecruit as a professional, diligent and extremely competent recruitment resourcer who helped me find the right position and identified the key criteria I was looking for in my next role.”

Joe | Candidate

“I have recently received great service from one of your staff members and believe it is important to highlight the great job she has done thus far. Although still working on that perfect opportunity for me, all I can say so far, is a Massive Thank You for everything Emily has done for me! I appreciate it immensely. It is easy to fill roles with workers, but very difficult to fill organisations with good people. Therefore, I simply must give credit to Emily, who has been absolutely fantastic. Her personality and warm manner allowed for easy rapport building and her professionalism very impressive. Unlike too many recruiters, she is sincere and very determined to help me find, not any role, but a suitable one. She did well to encourage me to aim higher, and with confidence too. Moreover, she allocated some moments from her personal time to check that my interview preparation was going well, and even to give me feedback on another date. She’s a Star!”

Nigel | Candidate

“Throughout my job search, YourRecruit IT have been the most professional, warm and useful agency that I have worked with. Louise and Nic have impressed me with the level of contact, advice and personal feedback which they provide. I would recommend YourRecruit IT to anyone searching for a role in technology. Unlike other agencies, they take the time to understand individual employee skills, interests and needs, which means that they are able to recommend the most suitable employment solutions.”

Emma | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT is a fine example of the kind of recruitment agency you would want to work with. I have had contact with more than a dozen consultants the two month I was looking for a job, none were as profession and efficient as the consultants from YourRecruit.
Their consultants were very quick to respond to my emails, has excellent telephone manner and the information was always clear as I felt like I knew what I needed to do to be the best candidate for the job. I would highly recommend anyone to use their recruitment services as I have found a great I.T job through YourRecruit IT.”

Cosmo | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT – you couldn’t ask for a more hard working, diligent, communicative IT recruitment company if you tried! Every step of the way they helped and supported me in my job search. I found my entire experience with them a good one and they quickly found me a job which I love. I couldn’t recommend them more if I tried! I will use their services again when I am looking to more forward in my career.”

David | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT have always been very professional and courteous, as well as uniquelly down-to-earth. Louise listened to what I was looking for and looked for the ideal placement to suit me. Follow-up was practical and genuinely helpful without any added pressures. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your next IT recruitment or placement.”

Jason | Candidate

“I wholeheartedly recommend YourRecruit IT to anyone who’s on the job search. As well as helping me find the job I wanted, Emily really made sure I was right for the job and I believe the help and advice she gave me before my interview was a massive contributor to me being offered a position. Emily was professional, friendly and a fantastic communicator throughout the process and I’ll definitely be coming back to YourRecruit IT when I’m back on the job hunt.”

Chris | Candidate

“After having dealt with various recruitment agencies whilst looking for my first job after university, it was YourRecruit IT who really shone and delivered above and beyond. I was consistently greeted with friendly and professional advice (and guidance) and was made to feel as though what I wanted really mattered. Louise, who was an absolute star in the process of finding me my perfect position, went out of her way to negotiate with companies and ensured I got the best. I am currently working in a leading educational establishment and I owe it all to YourRecruit IT (and, of course, Louise). Thank you!!”

Emma | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT are small enough to care. They quickly paired me with a fantastic role which was a natural progression and offered great support and interview preparation. I would like to thank them for their help.”

Elliot | Candidate

“Many thanks to YourRecruit IT – This is the first company in over 7 years where I feel at home no matter the daily pressures.”

Mihai | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT are a company with integrity, who are dedicated and diligent, they are willing to go that extra mile to facilitate a meeting of skills with technologies.”

Charles | Candidate

“Your service was excellent, very efficient and a service much greater than anyone I’ve ever used.”

Adam | Candidate

“I would like to say how impressed I am with the service I have received from YourRecruit, and the speedy and very professional way I was handled through the entire process. I send a big thank you to Louise Bishop for all her efforts and calming manner on the telephone. This made me feel completely at ease with the company I was initially being put forward for. I am enjoying my work here at PCR Computers, and after 4 weeks I can honestly say I am already settling well into my new role with a company that I hope I will stay with for years to come.”

Paul | Candidate

“YourRecruit IT arranged for an interview with one of the UK’s most successful organisations for me when they were recruiting for a Web Designer. The service Louise gave was excellent, and she kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for more from an agency, and would be happy to use YourRecruit IT again.”

Justin | Candidate

“Louise was very friendly, easy to talk to and spent time ensuring that she understood exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend YourRecruit IT to anyone who is looking for IT work.”

Helen | Candidate

“Out of the many recruitment agencies that contacted me, YourRecruit IT were by far the superior. A consultant approached me with three well-suited roles and organised interviews and CV tips throughout each process. As well as this, Charlie provided feedback and was sure to check up and recommend new strategies, in a friendly, professional manner. The end result is I have the job I wanted, well suited to my skills and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended for any IT professional looking for work!”

Philip | Candidate

“I can’t thank YourRecruit IT enough for helping me find my ideal job. Right from arranging the interview to ironing out the finer details, the whole process ran like clockwork. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YourRecruit IT to any of my friends looking for a new role in IT.”

Andy | Candidate


“YourRecruit IT always give Colas a tough job selecting a new employee because of the high calibre of candidates they provide. For me this comes from a thorough knowledge of the IT industry and understanding our perspective of what the role entails.”

Robert | IT Manager | Colas Limited

“I will not hesitate in using your services for any vacancies in the future.”

Paul | IT Manager | School in Surrey

“Once again thank you for your help and the good candidates you passed to us. I will not hesitate in using your services for any vacancies in the future.”

James | Director of IT | Private School, Surrey

Engaging Louise at YourRecruit IT to assist us with filling two vacancies in our Software Development team, has turned out very well, due to the quality of service which Louise, and her team, have provided. We have been given well-selected, quality candidates to consider, and a constant stream of information and updates on each one as befitted the situation. Louise has saved me a massive amount of time and effort, and has been a real joy to work with.”

Victor | Client

“Nicky Sales did an excellent job finding me a highly talented Business Intelligence Manager at very short notice. Her enthusiasm is infectious (even over the phone and by email) and most importantly she worked very hard to deliver what she promised. I’ll be in touch again for my next people assignment.”

Roland | Client

“Our most recent recruit has been to our IT department. I feel as though the recruitment consultant listened to our needs and because of this saved me a considerable amount of time by only having to interview two candidates for the position.”

Wendy | Client

“You made the recruitment process pain free for me! That’s a first! So a big thanks to you.”

Jon | Client

“We were very impressed with the calibre of candidates that YourRecruit IT sent our way, we will definitely use them again!”

Shane | Director of IT | Private School, Sussex

The team at Your Recruit were all very friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend.

Karen | Candidate