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Contract vs Permanent work – Advice

8th May 2017 | Job Hunting

Five minutes read Switching to Permanent: Switching from Contract work over to a permanent position can be a tricky transition. Employers are normally hesitant to take on a contractor for a permanent role as it raises the concern of commitment. I would recommend having your reasons for wanting to make the switch very clear as a lot interviewers will want to dig deeper to make sure they are making the right decision.  Switching to Contract: Leaving a permanent role for a contract...

5 Inspiring & Motivational Movies for Job Seekers

5th May 2017 | Job HuntingMotivational

5 Inspiring Movies for Job Seekers - We all know what it feels like: Job hunting in itself, seems like having a full-time job. Preparing for an interview, getting the interview and waiting for feedback, alltogether can be a daunting experience. This means that you need to keep your spirit up all the time and create an encouraging environment around yourself. Try to see your supportive friends more often, take up a regular exercise habit, read more inspiring books or watch uplifting and...

Master the art of email job applications.

24th March 2017 | Job Hunting

We are all familiar with online application forms. The ticking of boxes, filling in the relevant information and off it goes. But what about when an employer requests you email them your application? Suddenly all the required fields disappear and you’re left trying to establish how to make your application stand out. 5 Top tips to master email job applications Don’t fret, we’ve compiled a list of 5 top tips to help you… 1. Follow the job description The most important part of a...

From student to young professional: What to expect

17th March 2017 | Job Hunting

When fresh out of university it can be incredibly daunting as you peer around the door to working life. The start of your career is an exciting time, but it’s important to know what to expect as you transition from full time student to a young professional. So, here are our top 3 tips on making that switch from student pjs and last minute lectures to a valued member of staff. Be prepared to build your student stamina Who’d have known that day-to-day work doesn’t include time for a...

The CV golden rules to live by

8th March 2017 | Job Hunting

The job market has always been highly competitive. Finding a new job is onerous for most, but with a little fine-tuning your CV can help secure the next step: a job interview. Once you’ve got a foot in the door, the rest is up to you. Without a CV that really shows off what you can do, you’re essentially undervaluing yourself as an employee. Which is why we’ve compiled a quick list of CV golden rules to help make job applications easier. Don’t over complicate its presentation As...

Our Top Five Interview Tips

6th December 2016 | Job Hunting

With our recruitment expertise and knowledge, our team are well placed to offer advice and tips when it comes to the interview process. We've come up with our top five tips to give you the best chance at getting that great new job opportunity, and on the career path to success! 1. Be prepared Your details have been sent and have impressed the company enough to see you for interview. This is now your chance to impress them and confirm all the things they liked on your CV! You'll be fully...