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May 2017

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

26th May 2017 | Interview TipsJob Hunting

So you have found your perfect job within Digital Marketing, and have secured an interview. What now? Prepare, prepare, prepare is my main advice! Make sure you know the format of the interview, including what sort of questions you will be asked. Make sure you know who you will be interviewed by, where the interview will take place, how long it will take and when they are looking to make a decision. Speak to your recruiter to find out this information and make sure you ask lots of questions...

Short Notice Job Interview – 10 minutes read

11th May 2017 | Interview TipsJob Hunting

Preparing for an interview is a time consuming task and it doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you may find yourself invited to an interview at very short notice – the next day! Can you be fully prepared with just 24 hours’ notice? Here are a few tips on how to prepare for short notice job interviews.   Make time and focus While you might not be able to conduct perfect preparation that would enable your best interview performance, you can prepare to perform at a...

Contract vs Permanent work – Advice

8th May 2017 | Job Hunting

Five minutes read Switching to Permanent: Switching from Contract work over to a permanent position can be a tricky transition. Employers are normally hesitant to take on a contractor for a permanent role as it raises the concern of commitment. I would recommend having your reasons for wanting to make the switch very clear as a lot interviewers will want to dig deeper to make sure they are making the right decision.  Switching to Contract: Leaving a permanent role for a contract...

5 Inspiring & Motivational Movies for Job Seekers

5th May 2017 | Job HuntingMotivational

5 Inspiring Movies for Job Seekers - We all know what it feels like: Job hunting in itself, seems like having a full-time job. Preparing for an interview, getting the interview and waiting for feedback, alltogether can be a daunting experience. This means that you need to keep your spirit up all the time and create an encouraging environment around yourself. Try to see your supportive friends more often, take up a regular exercise habit, read more inspiring books or watch uplifting and...

IT support job interview questions

3rd May 2017 | Interview Tips

If you are preparing for an IT support job interview, here are a few questions and tips on ‘how to answer’ and shine at the interview. Be interested in the company and do your homework A lot of candidates attend interviews ready to talk about their CV, skills and experiences and what they can bring to the table, but they forget to be interested in the company as well as the role. Potential employers are interested in candidates who have taken a real interest in working for their...