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Contract vs Permanent work – Advice

8th May 2017 | Job Hunting

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Switching to Permanent:

Switching from Contract work over to a permanent position can be a tricky transition. Employers are normally hesitant to take on a contractor for a permanent role as it raises the concern of commitment. I would recommend having your reasons for wanting to make the switch very clear as a lot interviewers will want to dig deeper to make sure they are making the right decision.

 Switching to Contract:

Leaving a permanent role for a contract position can be a daunting experience. Do not make rash decisions as it can be difficult to get out of contracting once started. The government have very recently brought in new legalisations regarding Ltd Company Contractors so I would recommend fully understanding this before making your choice.


Contractors are normally paid an hourly or daily rate, whereas permanent members of staff are paid an annual salary usually paid on a monthly basis. In comparison it may appear contractors earn more, however, you must also remember they are not entitled to any staff benefits or perks.


While most permanent employees might be able to arrange for a short notice holiday, the contractors cannot. As a contractor you don’t get holidays, unless on a longer term contract. So you need to make sure your holidays are arranged during the gaps between your contracts.

Networking and Your Portfolio:

Contractors potentially have more opportunity to grow their network faster in comparison with permanent workers. By working on shorter contracts, you can enhance your experiences faster than on a permanent role.


Whatever your choice may be, we will be able to provide our expert advice and help in finding what you are looking for. My main advice to anyone would be to fully think through your options and weigh up what would be best for you in your current circumstance. Feel free to call us regarding any recruitment matters and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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