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October 2018

Hey, how are you?

9th October 2018 | Meet the TeamMotivationalNewsRecruitingYourRecruit IT

It is not a question that breaks the rules or shocks an audience; in fact it is just a simple question that many people ask, and hear, most days. However, have you really thought about its impact? It’s funny, because sometimes you take for granted that “how are you?” and it is only when it is absent that you start to realise the import of such a phrase. The reason I say this is because last week, a selection of our Consultants went to the IP EXPO Europe at the Excel London. We had...

Why have we been channelling Ross from Friends this past week?

1st October 2018 | Meet the TeamMotivationalUpdates

"Pivot, pivot, PIVOT" We all remember that episode of Friends, where Ross and Chandler were manoeuvring a large sofa down the apartment block's stairs, whilst Rachel coolly assisted. However, she soon idly stepped away when the instructions became a bit too...real. The word "pivot" never had the same meaning again. It was a bit like that on Friday. Despite only moving down a floor and along an - albeit labyrinthine - corridor, the pressure was on. Crates of computers, telephones,...