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We’re nearly free!!

29th April 2021 | Career AdviceJob HuntingMotivationalRecruiting

We are nearly free!!  If, like us, you are counting down the days (cautiously of course) to a new normal then now is the time to start making positive changes and here at YourRecruit, we are here to help you with just that!


Over the past few months, as things balance on the edge of “normal” we have been looking at how the recruitment journey has been going.  A tough question to be fair!  Yes, it has been hard, but this is from the perspective of the Recruiter, the Client and the Candidate.  Over the past year, we have learned to come together, work together, and support each other and this has been extended to the professional relationships we have in recruitment.

“Commitment” seems to be a resounding word.  Are we all, (recruiter, client, candidate – I feel like this needs a cool abbreviation.  RCC? RC+C?) committing to each other?  We should be!  I mean, it’s simple really.


Are you looking for a new role?  Ensure you engage with the recruiter, be honest about your strengths and weaknesses and what you are looking for.  Commit to interviews and ensure you do the right prep.  Lean on us for support and advice and you will laughing all the way to the job you have fought for.

Are you looking to hire? Let’s chat. We genuinely want to help you find “the one”.  We know recruitment is boring (not to geeks like us clearly) but if you commit to US and to the candidates who are excited about your opportunity then it will be an quick and easy pain free process for you so a win win!!


It is no secret that recruiters get bad press; but when you work alongside the right ones, like us, then you will see our commitment to YOU.  It is real, it is genuine, and it is something we are passionate about.


So, the buzz word of 2021 is “commitment” (insert flashing lights and glitter) Let us all help each other to a new normal 😊